Kuwait Boat Show

Kuwait Boat Show (27th to 30th March 2018): after the 2017 edition which took place at Al Kout Marina, the Kuwait Boat Show is back at Salmiyah Marina, its favorite location in Kuwait City.

This boat show was well attended with about 5000 quality visitors over a 3 day period, with the first day being exclusively reserved for VIP visitors.

The show was supposed to last for 4 days unfortunately a major sand storm prevented this to happen on the 30th March (last day of the show).

Sea Pros with a prime on water location displayed for the first time in the gulf region a new Ferretti 450 which attracted serious clients who were impressed with the high quality of finish and the volume for a boat this size.

The Sea Pros local and regional team were present at this well promising rendez-vous, an event which will more likely even grow bigger for the years to come.